Seine-Nord Europe Canal: the public environmental enquiry is underway

The environmental public enquiry into sectors 2, 3 and 4 of the future Seine-Nord Europe Canal, located between Passel (Oise) and Aubencheul-au-Bac (Nord), opened on 4 March and will run until 2 April. This regulatory stage in the procedure for examining the application for environmental authorisation for the project, overseen by the French State, takes place prior to the start of the works.

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During this enquiry phase, all residents directly affected and other interested parties are invited to obtain information and give their opinions on the characteristics of the project and the ecological measures planned to preserve water, aquatic environments, protected plant and animal species and existing habitats. All the measures planned by Société du Canal Seine-Nord Europe (SCSNE, a member of EEIG Seine-Scheldt) to avoid, reduce and compensate for the impact of the canal are available in the environmental permit application file.

Several means of information and expression are available:

–consultation of the file and a register at the town hall or online at Registre Numérique CANAL SEINE-NORD EUROPE – ENQUETE ENVIRONNEMENTALE SUR LA SECTION DE PASSEL A AUBENCHEUL-AU-BAC (

 -Public meetings of the investigating commissioners in town halls (in the Oise, Somme, Nord and Pas-de-Calais departments);

– the possibility of writing directly to the investigating commission by e-mail: or by post: Mairie de Péronne, à l’attention du Président de la commission d’enquête, 3 place du Commandant Louis Daudre, 80200 Péronne.

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At the end of the public enquiry period, the enquiry commission, an independent body made up of 7 members appointed by the Amiens Administrative Court, will study all the contributions received, draw up a report and give its opinion (unfavourable or favourable, possibly accompanied by recommendations or reservations).

On the basis of this investigation report, the State will, if necessary, issue an environmental authorisation order, which will set out a number of requirements for the worksite and allow SCSNE to start work on these sectors of the future Seine-Nord Europe Canal, the missing link in the Seine-Scheldt network.

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