The Seine-Escaut IGC visits the Port of Gennevilliers

At the invitation of Haropa Port, the Seine-Scheldt Intergovernmental Conference (IGC) held its quarterly meeting at the Port of Gennevilliers, France’s leading river port and Europe’s 2nd largest river port north of Paris.

During the meeting, representatives of the States and the 4 operators (DVW, SPW, SCSNE, VNF) discussed the progress of studies and works in France, Flanders and Wallonia, then Stéphanie Peigney-Couderc, deputy territorial director of VNF Bassin de Seine, presented the operation to develop the secondary arm of Gennevilliers, carried out by VNF in anticipation of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The members of the IGC then visited the port, where Loïc Mignon, deputy director of the Haropa Port de Gennevilliers agency, gave a guided tour.

The Seine-Scheldt Network is not just a network of infrastructures, but also a range of services and a development opportunity for port hubs, businesses and territories !