The Seine-Scheldt EEIG visits the Seine-Nord Europe Canal worksite

At the invitation of the Société du Canal Seine-Nord Europe (SCSNE), the Seine-Scheldt EEIG held its monthly meeting at the Maison du Canal in Compiègne on 20 June, in the presence of representatives of the European agency CINEA and the European Commission’s DG MOVE.

 After the meeting, which provided an opportunity to take stock of current issues, the representatives of the 4 operators responsible for developing Europe’s largest wide-gauge river network (DVW, SPW, SCSNE, VNF) visited the worksite to see the progress of the resealing of the Oise and the construction of bridges, including the first bridge that will span the future Seine-Nord Europe Canal between Montmacq and Cambronne-les-Ribécourt.

This fascinating day demonstrated once again that, in the Oise as in the whole of the river network in the Hauts de France, but also in the Seine Basin, in Flanders and in Wallonia, the Seine-Scheldt Network is continuing to be built in the service of economic development and the ecological transition of the regions!