Seine-Nord Europe Canal: the contract for works on the Montmacq Cambronne-lès-Ribécourt lock has been awarded

Seine-Nord Europe Canal:  the contract for works on the Montmacq Cambronne-lès-Ribécourt lock has been awarded

On 22 December 2023, Société du Canal Seine-Nord Europe (SCSNE), a member of the Seine-Scheldt EEIG, awarded the first of 3 lots in the works contract for the Montmacq-Cambronne-lès-Ribécourt lock (Oise). The contract was awarded to a consortium of 8 companies, 4 of which are based in the Hauts-de-France region.

This first work package covers the earthworks, commissioning of the hydromechanical equipment, construction of the civil engineering, supply and installation of the equipment, as well as the necessary studies and manufacturing. This work will start in the first half of 2024.

As for all canal works, SCSNE has included in the contract a logistical solution for shifting supplies from road to river and rail. These two complementary modes of massified transport will significantly reduce the worksite’s carbon footprint: almost 37,000 tonnes of supplies will not be transported by road and around 100,000 tonnes of concrete aggregates will be supplied from a distance under 100 kms.

Once completed, the lock which will be 195 metres long and 12.50 metres wide (in line with the gauge of existing locks on the navigable downstream Oise) will be able to accommodate class Vb boats and pushed convoys (185 m long and 11.40 m wide) carrying up to 4,400 tonnes of goods (the equivalent of 220 lorries). It will enable these boats to overcome a height difference of 6.41 metres. The pumping system, which will be used to operate the lock and supply water to the Canal, will also help combat exceptional flooding of the Oise, by temporarily storing the water drawn  from the various reaches of the Canal.

The work on the lock which is expected to cost €96 million excl. VAT is being 50% funded by the European Commission, as part of the Seine-Scheldt 2.2 financial agreement under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF). Il also benefits from financial support from the French government, the Hauts-de-France and Ile-de-France regions, and the Nord, Oise, Pas-de-Calais and Somme Departments.

The construction of this lock represents a new stage in the construction of the Seine-Nord Europe Canal and on a broader scale, the completion of the Seine-Scheldt European inland waterway network.

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