Seine-Nord Europe Canal : favorable opinion following environmental public inquiry

The environmental public inquiry for sectors 2, 3 and 4 of the future Seine-Nord Europe Canal, located between Passel (Oise) and Aubencheul-au-Bac (Nord), took place from March 4 to April 2, 2024 in 76 communes in the Oise, Somme, Nord and Pas-de-Calais regions. More than 700 opinions and observations from around 600 contributors (individuals, local authorities, socio-economic players, associations) were collected online, by post and in town halls.

In view of the opinions expressed by the public and the information provided by the Société du Canal Seine-Nord Europe (SCSNE) in its memorandum, the investigating commission issued a favorable opinion on the application for environmental authorization for sectors 2, 3 and 4 of the Seine-Nord Europe Canal, subject to five reservations and eight recommendations, which must be taken into account in the further development of the project.

Based on the results of the public inquiry, an interdepartmental environmental authorization order will be published, if necessary, in the coming months. This will set out the requirements for the worksite and allow SCSNE to start work on the canal between Passel and Aubencheul-au-Bac.

This favorable opinion represents a further step towards the realization of the Seine-Nord Europe Canal project, the missing link in Europe’s Seine-Scheldt wide-gauge river network.

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