The impact of the Seine-Scheldt network in key figures

The impact of the Seine-Scheld on european river infrastructures

Impact on river infrastructures

The impact of the Seine-Scheld on economic development

Impact on economic development

The impact of the Seine-Scheld on the climate and the environment

Impact on the environement


The socio-economic report for the Seine-Scheldt network was updated in 2021, on behalf of the Seine-Scheldt EEIG, by experts from VNF, in collaboration with experts from SPW, De Vlaamse Waterweg nv and SCSNE. This detailed report looks ahead, taking two future dates into account (2035 and 2070), and is the first comprehensive report covering the whole scope of the Seine-Scheldt project and encompassing all of the programmes launched as part of the network’s implementation. All of the results presented have been validated by an international scientific committee made up of French, Belgian and Canadian academics specialising in transport economics.


In terms of the quantities of goods transported (a 5,000-tonne river convoy is equivalent to that of 250 trucks), river transport emits 5 times fewer CO2 emissions than its road equivalent: its environmental impact is therefore very competitive.

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