The Seine-Scheldt EEIG 2022 annual report is available!

The Seine-Scheldt European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG) has just published its 2022 annual report, which provides an update on the development of the largest wide-gauge river transport network in Europe in France and Belgium.

In 2022, Seine-Scheldt has reached a milestone by entering a concrete and visible implementation phase. The report refers to the first diggings of the future Seine-Nord Europe Canal last September, as well as to the forthcoming reopening of the Condé-Pommeroeul canal between France and Belgium next September. It also mentions many other construction sites in Flanders, Wallonia, Hauts-de-France and the Seine Basin.

At a time when the European continent is experiencing successive episodes of extreme drought and exceptional flooding, the 2022 report also shows that Seine-Scheldt can be a tool for resilience facing the consequences of climate change. It thus highlights its assets in meeting the objectives of the European Green Deal: in terms of sustainable management of water resources, accelerating the energy transition and the decarbonisation of transport, the network offers solutions, which we invite you to discover throughout these pages.

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